De La Paz rides with you

We’ve just heard that the bean man himself will be rolling out with us and he will be bringing delicious De La Paz coffee to give away at the end as well. Now that’s something you can use! I’ve seen people choose bags of De La Paz coffee over carbon forks at the end of an event and it’s no surprise once you’ve tasted it. It’s not just coffee, it’s art in a small paper bag. Thank you De La Paz!

It’s the Genuine Article…


The first 50 riders to arrive will receive this Hans Kellner original “FUCI Approved Frame” sticker for their machine. You’ll be able to spot the Pros as they wear this badge of honor in the peleton. Did you spend enough money? Did the UCI get their cut? Now you can show everyone that you’re a part of the club too! Do not be fooled by imitations, insist on the original, the Hans Kellner FUCI.

Helpers needed!

If you’ve been checking this out and want to be a part of it but can’t because you’re injured, your coach says you need to take time off, you’re in between bikes or whatever, we need a few people to man the feed zones on the day of the ride. I also need a couple of responsible adults to drive a box truck with bikes back from the BBQ.

If you’d like to hang out and help, go here to sign up so we have your info: