Santa Cruz Ale Works… need you know more?

YUM! Beer brewed by a racers husband right in Santa Cruz. What could be better than local craft beer? I know… multiple varieties of it! Thank you Santa Cruz Ale Works! We’ll be discussing the finer points of their brews in another post… stay tuned.


We want you to have a full belly and a ride home, therefore: NO DAY OF REGISTRATION

Sorry kiddo, you’re not gonna waltz in here at the last minute because your date bailed on you the night before and you cried yourself to sleep and now you wanna take your frustrations out on your fellow bike buddies.

For us to get enough food for the buffet and to determine the correct number of coaches to hire; we’ll need to shut registration down before the day of the ride. REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE 48 HOURS BEFORE WE ROLL.

Sign up now… the sooner the better. The more info we have ahead of time the more grub and such we can have ready. Help us help you: sign up now. EventBrite makes it SO easy! Hit the registration button and get crackin’!


IMPORTANT! :: What’s the buffet going to look like??

I’ve been getting this question a fair bit, so here’s the tentative menu (I hope you’re all ok with it):

Buffet Menu
Navy Bean Soup with Ham option
Cilantro Hummus w/ Garlic Pita Chips
Grilled Vegetables w/ Red Pepper Romesco
Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Penne Pasta w/ Roasted Garlic Marinara
Chicken Breast w/ Wild Mushroom,Tomato Tarragon Demi
Blackened Salmon over Red Pepper Cous Cous
Hand Carved Roasted Top Round Of Beef Au jus
Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes
Chocolate Lovers Only Cake
Apricot Bread Pudding

Everything is made from scratch, no institutional stuff here. Ride hard, arrive hungry!

Jen Tomlinson, founder of Pedal Panties has this to say…

“I’m personally looking forward to what promises to be a super fun/challenging day of riding. See you there!” – Jen

For those who don’t know, Pedal Panties are a highly engineered, boy-short cut pantie with a thin breathable cushion providing a more comfortable ride for women. Wear them under your most stylish clothing and feel fabulous!  We enthusiastically support all ladies who ride from the beginner to the Spring Classic-ist!

Thank you Pedal Panties for being a part of this!

Party with IBIS bikes!

Get down with IBIS! IBIS bikes is hosting the buffet at the end of the day in Santa Cruz and we owe them a big THANK YOU for opening their doors to the likes of us. You’ll get to check out the IBIS museum that has specimens from their entire history of amazing bikes as well as stuff your face with delicious hot food and tasty beverages.

The Kitten of Flanders

Once upon a time, Slonie tried to draw a famous flag in his not-so-famous Cyclocross Comic. But something got lost in translation between Northern Belgium and Northern California, and the Kitten of Flanders was born. The original flag has been flown everywhere from San Francisco to Saitama, but soon you’ll be able to get this little guy on socks, water bottles, and more!