Bear with me as I try something new…

…small red potatoes broiled after they’ve been rubbed with a little olive oil and then hit with some fresh ground pepper (just a little bit) and then some smoked sea salt. I’ll get them nice and crisp in a high temperature oven so the skin makes a tree bark like vapor barrier to keep the inside hot and tender.

Do you like that?

Also at the feedzones:

PB & Strawberry Preserves sammies on high calorie (120 per slice) oatnut whole grain bread.

Nutella… with or with out clover honey and/or banana slices on oatnut bread.

Mini-Clif bars… wide assortment.

Hot coffee. Coke, (Pre-flattened Coke upon advance request).

Bananas, assorted fresh big soft cookies, petite chocolate warp drive boosters.


2 thoughts on “Bear with me as I try something new…

  1. i have potatoes running in my veins cook em up i will eat them. all you need is a little chipotle aioli to go with em.

  2. i’m going to go out on a limb and say that whiskey shots + pbj (w/ banana and brownie squished inside) is going to be my new ride meal.

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