SERIOUS BUSINESS email sent out… did you get it?

If you did not get the email with all the info, email me and I will forward it to you!



3 thoughts on “SERIOUS BUSINESS email sent out… did you get it?

  1. If the passenger list for the first bus get’s filled up by, let’s say 5pm, can it leave earlier than 6:30?
    There was no indication prior to now this was going to be a 12 hour event.

    • I figure the fastest person will finish in 6 hours and change. Then they change and eat for a while and socialize. That leaves only an hour or ninety minutes of slack time to hang out and dring beer.

      If you have a pressing reason to get back or something I can have someone drive you home in a car earlier. I can also see about having the bus leave closer to six than six-thirty.

  2. If you’re in a hurry to get home and weigh your food I can bring a scale down to the finish if that makes it easier for you… I can also help you download your Powertap info onsite…

    I can bring a trainer down too if you need to spin it out for a few more hours…

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