Get your tickets out…

The totally random, no particular order raffle winners are:

John Wilde, De La Paz Coffee

Mattherw Hough, De La Paz Coffee

Alec Castellanos, De La Paz Coffee

Frank Paula, Capo tall socks

Gabriel Byrne, Flashy Mike’s Bikes bottle

Lina Martensson, Mavic helmet

Allan Sherlock, De La Paz coffee

Joshua Wright, Elmer Crudd fender

Eric Brecheen, Mike’s Bikes tee

Chris Urban, ULTIMATE DIRECTION Grind 12 hydration pack

Peter Chang, Flashy Mike’s Bikes bottle

Ted Ketai, De La Paz coffee

Alun Lang, Mike’s Bikes cap

Eric Sorenson, Mike’s Bikes multi tool, the big one

Dustin White, Mike’s Bikes tee

Email to claim your items, local stuff can be picked up or delivered, long distance stuff will be mailed!



3 thoughts on “Get your tickets out…

  1. Murphy, how do i collect the Mikes Bikes hat that i won in the raffle?
    i can pick it up wherever it is.
    thanks ALun Lang

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