CX Magazine… always there through thick and thin…

…and gritty, and sticky and gooey and dusty and just about always!

Cyclocross Magazine has been an ardent supporter of superpro racing before we were even pro, let alone superpro. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for helping make us what we are today.

Cyclocross Magazine is your one stop shop for everything that’s going on in the CX world… it’s getting bigger, more complex and more far flung every month. Check them out today and tell them they’re rad… they’ll say thank you even though they already know.

Bear with me as I try something new…

…small red potatoes broiled after they’ve been rubbed with a little olive oil and then hit with some fresh ground pepper (just a little bit) and then some smoked sea salt. I’ll get them nice and crisp in a high temperature oven so the skin makes a tree bark like vapor barrier to keep the inside hot and tender.

Do you like that?

Also at the feedzones:

PB & Strawberry Preserves sammies on high calorie (120 per slice) oatnut whole grain bread.

Nutella… with or with out clover honey and/or banana slices on oatnut bread.

Mini-Clif bars… wide assortment.

Hot coffee. Coke, (Pre-flattened Coke upon advance request).

Bananas, assorted fresh big soft cookies, petite chocolate warp drive boosters.

And now a word about our host in Santa Cruz

As mentioned before, we’re fortunate enough to be finishing up the ride Saturday at the world headquarters of Ibis Cycles. They’re located in the oh so trendy west end of Santa Cruz, right as you enter town. Their facility is bordered on one side by Natural Bridges State Beach, not a bad address.

Scot Nicol is the founder of Ibis, he’ll be on hand Saturday along with a couple of other native Ibisians. They will be happy to show you around the shop a bit after you arrive. They have a bit of a museum there with a smattering of bikes that they’ve build over the last 30+ years of being in business. If you want to learn more about Ibis, head to their website. They also have a pretty amazing section on the history of the company posted on the site here. It’s a soon to be 30 part series, reflecting back on 30 years of being in business, from the very first days of the existence of mountain bikes.

So, once again a big shout out and thanks to the crew at Ibis for opening their doors to us.